User-Friendly Desktop Experience
  • Clean and Intuitive Design
  • Easy to Use Tools
  • Drag & Drop
  • Interactive Live Preview
  • 100% Web Based
  • Multi-Task Interface
  • Rich Text Content Editing
All platforms
Powerful Tools
  • Drag & Drop Web From Builder
  • Unlimited ACL Possibilities
  • Easy Data Integration Tools
  • Powerful Micro-Social Networking
  • Online Recruiting Systems
  • Scalable User Profile Pages
True In-Browser Multi-Tasking
Clients of Site Stacker would all agree.  Site Stacker employs one of the most intuitive administrative user interfaces ever! Web systems have been using the same bag of tricks for years.  Links, tabs, and more links.  Click something and wait.  Type something and save.  Go back. Then go back again. One thing at a time, and repeat. Site Stacker CHALLENGES the accepted way of doing things by introducing a slick interface that will remind you more of a local desktop than an in-browser web app.
Drag & Drop Web Form Builder
A state-of-the-art GUI (graphical user interface) which allows you to create data collection web forms in real time using drag and drop and graphical object interaction (things like double clicking and in-line text editing).  You will use Web Form Management to customize forms users fill out to register for the web site, create and add unlimited web forms to web pages throughout your site, and manage data results from all user web form submissions.
Integrated Mobile Sites & Apps
Never launch a website without a corresponding mobile app again!  Site Stacker Mobile allows you to build a custom mobile app that shares content with your website using a simple drag and drop interface.  These apps can work inside mobile browers and can also be packaged for the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace. It's so simple even a.... well, you get the point.  You have never seen anything quite like this, and you NEED THIS.  Request a full demo today.
Online Fund Raising Campaigns
Every non-profit organization needs an effective way to receive contributions online. Site Stacker has you covered. You can publish new campaigns quickly including live goal measurement, multiple giving options, the ability to pledge reoccurring gifts and a real time accounting interface that allows you to parse gifts out to various funds within your organization. In addition, Site Stacker can integrate with all of the most popular CRM and Donor Management software options so you will never miss a step.
Powerful CRM-style Data Management Tools
You will have to see Site Stacker's exclusive Flex CRM to believe it. This is truly the most powerful and diverse data management with full CMS integration that is available on the market today. Create and manage new data types quickly and easily. Build relationships between multiple data types and associations to user records. Publish select sets of data to your website and offer customized searchable views of the data. Words can not explain what a Live Demo can showcase - set yours up today.
Multi-Language Support
Site Stacker allows you to develop and publish sites in multiple languages. Setting up a new language can be done in a few clicks and languages can be added at any time without having to rebuild your site.
Your site can have a different set of pages for each language. Translators can easily flip between specific content sections in each language to rapidly translate content directly in the system. Content is copied from English to the language you are translating to for easy reference.
Testing mode
Testing and Live Modes
Site Stacker allows you to develop entire web sites in "testing" mode, meaning you can view the site but it is closed to the outside world. When your site is ready, you can "go live". 
Custom Web-App Development
Don't see what your looking for? That's no problem. Site Stacker is a powerful development framework allowing us to deploy TRUE Rapid Application Development (RAD), creating your dream system in less time and for less cost than you thought possible. Don't believe it? Ask our clients. Following a demo of Site Stacker we will provide you with a long reference list of customers who we develop for.
And the List Goes On....
Site Stacker offers many of the necessary tools for rich web and media content distribution in a browser based environment.  For a proper understanding of these tools and how they can be custom configured in an almost unlimited variety we strongly recommend a 2 to 4 hour demo session where we can provide a proper overview and assisted analysis of the tools and the resulting projects they power.
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Site Stacker is a whole new category of software.
- John Armstrong, Word of Life